Monday, May 16, 2011

Earth-Working (custom OOAK)

This is another piece I made for the lovely Anya Kless. I am including my original notes as sent to her:

I started off with Indian Bloodstone to anchor the clasp pieces. Then I used the alternating green and gold glass beads in patterns of four-- four being a number I understood to be associated with the earth (i.e. four seasons, four winds, four corners, four directions, etc.), balance, and material gain (as opposed to spiritual gifts/gain).....

The green, obviously, represents the earth, plant life, herbs, etc. The gold to me stood in for the abundance (wealth=gold association) of Earth's bounty as well as the nurturing of the Sun element which helps everything grow.

Then I added Job's Tears beads because, in my mind, I thought of the Biblical trials of Job and how he maintained his Faith in his God (regardless of how we may feel about "his" "G(g)od", his show of faith through horrible Ordeals is inspiring). And it occured to me that as a shaman, healer, Priestess (especially of Ordeal type deities you serve, Odin and Lilith) that you would go through many Ordeals and still maintain your faith and service and devotion.

The small green bone beads next to the larger Dragon's Blood beads was placed that way because, well, the phrase that came to my head was "blood and bone", the tests of the flesh, the shedding of blood as literal and figurative sacrifice (as well as Dragon's Blood as a resin/insence being an offering atteributed to many of the so-called "Dark Gods and Goddesses")

In the second interval of the Job's Tears/bone beads/Dragon's Blood beads, I included amber at the ends because amber is an ancient fossilized resin, speaking to the strength of Earth and Her longevity, Her ability to survive and sustain not only Us as humans but before us and long after us, regenerating and cycling Her self-Healing.

In the midddle you'll see amber next to two black beads, a cowrie shell in the middle, two black beads, and amber again. This pattern in my mind told the story of the ancient earth (the amber), Earth as a Mother, able to create and devour (destruction as a means of healing as occurs when "natural disasters" occur which many attribute to the Mother Earth cleansing herself), then the Black beads as the Black Womb, also generative and consuming, like Kali, like Time...the Black beads are the Blackness in the suspension of before-birth and after-death; then, between these blacknesses is a cowrie which, likened to a female womb/vaginal opening (not to mention the "teeth" of the cowrie and the myth of the Vagina Dentata), represented to me the carrier for new life or the actual act of birthing. Again, wealth comes into play because in Yoruban culture, cowries were used as currency, for divination, and Yoruban culture viewed children as the greatest wealth of mankind. If the cowrie is indeed a womb giving forth children, one is wealthy. If one is usiing cowries as money, one is wealthy. If one uses the cowries to penetrate the mysteries in divination, one is blessed with the wealth of spiritual gifts and communication/awareness.

(...) I intended it to be long so that the cowrie would be drifting just above or at your navel or the entrance to your Womb (again, the cowrie/womb connection)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Woden's Snow Bride necklace (custom OOAK)

This is/was a custom design made for Anya Kless, a beautiful spirit and dedicated Odin'sWoman and Priestess of Lilith (and the author of the gorgeous and powerful devotional book on Her which I think everyone should read NOW!). I'm proud of it and she was happy with it. I am grateful to her for the opportunity to create something meaningful to her and significant in her devotion to her Deities.

If Anya Kless doesn't mind, I'd like to post the following notes on the design as I originally sent to her through our correspondence:

I tried to incorporate as much as I knew and the impressions I'd gotten from Woden/his mythology. I used the number 9 on the black beads and 9 snowflake obsidian stone beads. The snowflake obsidian I chose because, for one thing, I looked at it and felt it would be appropriate and/or bring an appropriate energy. Then I looked up meanings/uses for snowflake obsidian and found that it is used to purify, calm, and balance the mind with the body and soul. I also read that it is alleged to be a stone used in antiquity for scrying. They also write that it is used to "reach your inner self"....which all sounded like things of Woden's energy (i.e. divination, things to do with the mind, uncovering the inner or hidden [knowledge of] self...hidden mysteries, polarity, light and dark, black and white, crossroads, etc.)

I incorporated the shiny whites/clears because they reminded me of ice and snow....the blues I incorporated because I was reading a story of Him and one thing that stood out in my mind was the description of His stark, sharp blue eye....and at the end I have it asymmetrical to symbolize, in my mind, the missing eye. That's why you'll see one sharp blue bead (aka "the eye") with the white as the "white of the eye" and on the other side there aren't the blue and white bead pair because Woden lost His other eye.

In the middle is hanging a Reven's head. for His two Ravens, Thought and Memory.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I have a little shop.... sells pretty things like this :)

I'm just getting started with the shop (as of the time of making this blogpost), and I have other waistbead sets and necklaces and things I haven't had a good working camera to upload pictures with but bear with me, more ARE coming! Soon and Very Soon!

I make jewelry dedicated to the deities I serve for the purposes of connecting with Their energies, healing and attuning, and, as always, ascension as well as inner and outer beautification and confidence. I DO TAKE CUSTOM ORDERS!! However, if it's not a deity I actively and regularly serve, it will take me a moment to tap into their energy and intuitively create a set of jewelry to meet the client's needs and please the Deity.


...and do please stop by the shop. I'll be expanding it shortly

Ekaabo! Welcome to my Liminality

Peace to all my visitors. Here you will find my winding, sticky-[bitter]sweet journey through my spiritual evolution-- as spiritual understanding and connection is a daily, moment-to-moment unfurling. Here you will find my personal gnosis in my own devotions to the Spirits I serve and Honor (ancestors, angels, orisha, saints, fae, and other Gods/Goddesses), as well as peeks into my works and services for others-- divination, rootwork, spiritual jewelry-making, etc. I hope you will be at the least amused to see into my world and at most, touched and uplifted. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'd stay awhile and frequently return ;)